Rushlight Club Purpose

“To shed light on the lights of the past”

The Rushlight Club, founded in 1932 for the study and preservation of lighting, is one of the oldest organizations dedicated to a single aspect of material culture.  The Club was incorporated in 1989 as The Rushlight Club, Inc., an international, educational, non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), organization. The collecting and research interests of members range from the earliest primitive lighting devices through lighting by gas and electricity.

The purpose of the Club, as set forth by its founders, is to stimulate an interest in early lighting and in the study of the origin, development and use of early lighting devices and lighting fuels. The Club's object shall be to collect, preserve and disseminate information and research data obtained through these studies by means of written articles, lectures and exhibitions.

Written articles concerning the history, development and application of lighting, lighting fuels and accessories are published in the Club's quarterly journal, The Rushlight.   See Selected Rushlight Articles

Information about Club meetings, lamp shows, lighting lectures, conferences and exhibitions is published in the Club's quarterly newsletter, Flickerings and on this website.

The Rushlight Club offers a public forum on this website (Q&A Forum) where anyone can ask for help with the identification of lighting items or with lighting-related research.

The Rushlight and Flickerings are available only by membership in the Rushlight Club.

Join the Rushlight Club

Club members receive The Rushlight journal and the Flickerings newsletter, both published quarterly, along with occasional reprints of lighting ephemera and a Membership Directory. All members are encouraged to attend Club meetings which focus on various aspects of lighting. View Reports of Previous Club Meetings

Annual dues are $35 for U.S. members, $40 (USD) for Canadian and $45 (USD) for overseas members. The membership year is January 1st to December 31st. New members will also receive the current Membership Directory and selected reprints of lighting ephemera.

The Membership Directory includes information about the Club and the name, address and collecting interests of members. Members may optionally include their telephone number and email address in the Directory.

Click the link below for a printable membership form:

Rushlight Club New Membership Application (pdf)

Application for membership in the Rushlight Club may also be requested from:

Renewing Members

Renewal notices for the coming year are sent to Club members at the end of October and renewals are due by December 31st. Prompt submission of dues before the start of the new year ensures uninterrupted delivery of The Rushlight and Flickerings.
Make checks payable to "The Rushlight Club" and mail to:

Rushlight Club, c/o Mr. Larson Mick, 3101 Anderson Pike, Signal Mountain, TN 37377-1421

Club Officers

Editors and Chairpersons

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Rushlight Club Publications Available

Download links and order forms are listed under "Research"Click Here

The following Publications may be purchased directly from the Club:

Events and News:

Rushlight Club Summer Meeting & Aladdin 48th Gathering and Lamp Show, June 20th - 27th, 2021, Louisville, KY
Rushlight Club Fall 2021 Niagra Falls, Canada, Joint Meeting has been cancelled
Lighting Catalogs and Brochures Currently Available Online.

Book Reviews:

Book reviews are listed under "Research"  Click Here

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Upcoming Rushlight Club Meetings:

Rushlight Club Fall 2021 Niagra Falls, Canada, Joint Meeting has been cancelled

The Fall joint club meeting with the Historical Lighting Society of Canada, the Night Light Club and the Aladdin Knights has been cancelled.

See this website and the Flickerings newsletter about upcoming Rushlight Club meetings.


Upcoming Lighting Shows and Club Meetings:

The Rushlight Club Summer Meeting & Aladdin 48th Gathering and Lamp Show, June 20th - 27th, 2021, Louisville, KY

The 2021 dates are June 20th to June 27th.

Download Meeting Registration Form with Show Schedule (PDF)

See this website and the Flickerings newsletter for updated meeting information.

For additional information please contact Ron & Vicki Jenkens, General Knights, at

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Reports of Past Meetings and Events:


Rushlight Club 2020 Regional Meeting Report, Glen Ellyn, IL


The Rushlight Club Fall 2019 Meeting, Sturbridge, Massachusetts (pdf)
Report on the Rushlight Club Summer 2019 Meeting & the 47th NAALC Gathering, Coralville, Iowa (pdf)
Rushlight Club Spring 2019 Meeting Report, Little Rock, Arkansas (pdf)
The Rushlight Club 2019 Regional Meeting, West Chicago, IL (pdf)


Report on the 2018 Mid-East Lighting Collector's Meet & Lamp Show, October 27th, Richmond, Indiana
Rushlight Club 2018 Fall Meeting Report, Sept.  22nd & 23rd, Cooperstown, New York
Rushlight Club 2018 Summer Meeting & 46th NAALC Gathering Report, July 11th - 14th, East Peoria, Illinois
Rushlight Club 2018 Spring Meeting Report, May 4th - May 6th, Madison, Indiana
Rushlight Club 2018 Regional Meeting Report, March 17th, Glen Ellyn, Illinois (pdf)


Rushlight Club 85th Anniversary Meeting, , Oct. 27th - 29th, Winterthur, Delaware
Report on the 2017 Mid-East Lighting Collector's Meet & Lamp Show, Richmond, Indiana (pdf)
The Rushlight Club Summer 2017 Meeting & NAALC Gathering, Columbia, Missouri
Report of the 2017 Rushlight Club Regional Meeting, Bensenville, Illinois (pdf)


Report of the Rushlight Club Fall 2016 Meeting, Deerfield, MA
Report on the Rushlight Club 2016 Summer Meeting & NAALC Gathering, Louisville, KY (pdf)


2015 Midwest Rushlight Regional Meeting Report, Jan. 31st, West Chicago, IL


Report on the Rushlight Club 2014 Summer Meeting & NAALC Gathering, Indianapolis, IN
Report on the Rushlight 2014 Midwest Regional Meet, Glen Ellyn, IL


Report on the 2013 Mideast Lighting Collector's Meet & Lamp Show, Richmond, IN
Report on the Rushlight Club 2013 Fall Meeting, Doylestown, PA
Report of the Spring 2013 Eastern Lighting Meet in Somerset, PA



Report of the Summer 2011 Meeting & NAALC Gathering, Indianapolis, IN
Report on the Rushlight Club 2011 Spring Meeting,  Corning, NY
Report of the Spring 2011 Eastern Lighting Meet in Somerset PA
Report on the Rushlight Regional Get-Together, Glen Ellyn, IL, Jan. 29th, 2011


Report on the Rushlight Club Summer 2010 Meeting in Columbia MO (pdf)
Report on the Rushlight Club Spring 2010 Spring Meeting in West Suburban Chicago and Rockford IL (pdf)


Report of the Spring 2009 Eastern Lighting Meet in Somerset PA


Report on the Rushlight Club Fall 2008 Meeting in Nashville TN
Report on the Rushlight Club Spring 2008 Meeting in Philadelphia


Highlights of the October 2007 Rushlight Club 75th Anniversary Meeting

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